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Ed Galvez Stars in "The Many Lives of Jovan Cornejo." The new horror film is to be released in early 2013. Stay tuned for details!

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Why Are Things Weird?

Why Are Things Weird?






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Episode 54: Emily Heller

Annie LedermanComedian/writer Emily Heller joins "The Fort" Podcast to talk about her worst job, public displays of affection, Mike's knees giving out at a Frank Turner Concert, mosh pits, thoughts about New York and an announcement from Ed that takes the crew a bit by surprise. Emily is a fantastic comedian who has appeared on "Conan," "John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show" on Comedy Central and the Montreal Comedy festival to name a few. She was voted "Funniest People in Town" by 7x7 Magazine. Check her out doing stand-up around the country. Special guest Meghan Parks once again joins Ed, Kevin and Mike for a radio sketch called "Hardcore Yoga" written by Ed Galvez. Then stick around for more fun on "The Fort Wrap-Up."

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Jiro Dreams of SushiA documentary about Jiro Ono, the world's greatest sushi chef. It's a fascinating look at his incredible life story and the world of sushi. Warning, this 85-year-old man's exhausting lifelong pursuit of perfection will make you feel like you've accomplished nothing with your life (but in a good way).





The TenA film of sketches based on each of the ten commandments from David Wain and a whole lot of The State people. Like most sketch comedy, it's hit and miss.  But when it hits, it is inspired well-performed silliness and well worth a viewing.





The Objective"The Objective" is a "Fort Favorite" of Mike Costantini. This film is loaded with mystery, suspense and intrigue. The time flies fast as the plot thickens into an unexpected turn. A must see with friends or alone.




Triangle (2009)The 2009 film "Triangle" has become a "Fort Favorite." This horror/mystery thriller takes the movie-goer through a wide range of twists and turns in a plot that keeps the viewer intrigued. This is a great movie to watch for a good mind twist.





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